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One-on-one with Elaine Hall, mother of Dylan Redwine

Oneonone with Elaine Hall mother of Dylan Redwine

DURANGO, Colo. - A mother's desperate plea is finally answered. The man, who she always believed murdered her 13-year-old son, arrested and facing a murder charge.

Our crew spoke one-on-one with Elaine Hall about Dylan Redwine's disappearance in 2013 and the journey to the arrest of her ex-husband, Mark Redwine.

On Nov. 12 2013, Hall recieved a call that her son, Dylan was missing. He was staying with his father Mark for a court-ordered visit over the Thanksgiving holiday.

"He called and asked if I knew where Dylan was and my heart dropped because he was supposed to be with him. I immediately drove up to Durango and it was the longest drive I ever made in my entire life," she said.

Even then, she had a gut feeling her ex-husband had done something awful. Still, she never gave up hope or the search for answers over the past years.

"Since Dylan went missing we always were hopeful and that didn’t change the whole journey," Hall said.

Even five years later, with Mark Redwine in custody, she says, "I’m not worried about the time frame.”

She says she's keeping her focus on the future and that the timeline of the investigation speaks to the complexity of the case.

“Thanks to everybody who’s rallied around us and kept us strong when we didn’t feel so strong," she said.

Strength she continues to find in her community.

“I feel that everybody has really contributed to this. It's not one person or one office, it's the whole community and it took everyone working diligently to get to where we are," Hall said.'


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