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'Online Fight Club' trend growing in Colorado

VIDEO New trend has students posting...

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. - Students violently fighting each other and then posting it on social media is the shocking trend becoming more popular in Colorado, with at least one incident happening recently in Englewood.

A video shot by an Englewood middle school student shows a brutal attack on an unknowing student. It shows the student getting pulled from her backpack to the ground and receiving several punches to her head and face.

The mother of the student, Ina Robertson, says the attacker even ripped some of her hair out.

"They recorded it and told my child, 'Come get your hair,'" Robertson said. "It's terrible behavior." 

It's becoming a violent trend on social media sites, recording fights and posting them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Students described them as online fight clubs.

Another parent who wishes to remain anonymous says it happened to her 12-year-old son. "He not only suffered a concussion but bruising of both eyes," she says. "He's suffering PTSD right now and still having serious problems with headaches."

The Englewood School District released a statement saying they are aware of the videos being posted on social media and have punished the student who initiated the fight, but they also say this was an isolated incident. These parents didn't believe that, with one saying, "I think they all are connected just due to the culture at the school."

This parent is not just putting the blame on schools but says parents need to know what their kids are posting online. Our news partners at KDVR in Denver say the district is planning to boost security at the school in question starting Monday. They also plan on additional training for staff on how to handle fights between students.

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