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Outdoor Adventure Weekend

Learning lessons of survival and hunting education

Weekend Adventure

VICTOR, Colorado - Several families are getting the chance to get away this weekend. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is taking them on an outdoor adventure, teaching life lessons and safety.

50 kids along with their parents are learning lessons of survival skills and hunting.

"So its a good opportunity for both, they're both going to have fun. Parents get to shoot as well as the kids in all the different stations we have," says Tim Kroening, district wild life manager.

Before getting hands-on experience campers must learn the ropes. "It's basically an extended hunter education class. Where the families come out go through our hunter education material they also do get to fire some shotguns, muzzle loaders, and archery."

Park managers hope participants will develop a sense of awareness — also gearing them towards conservation.

"It's important for the herd population whether its deer or elk that we are harvesting some of those animals to keep the populations in check.

"Alright keeping in mind all of those four fire arm safety rules as soon as you're ready aim at the target and fire.

"All these kids are learning education and fire arms is one of the most important things to learn"

Participants say safety must be taken serious. "Then your older  some people don't know how to carefully use fire arms and then they'll be shooting bad stuff they're not suppose to shot or they won't get a license to shoot animals," explains Caden Dimery.

"Like we can end up hurting someone so if you know how to do it you won't be as curious," adds Molly Striedieck.

"We want them to be safe when they're in the outdoors hunting and also to know our rules and regulations."

From shooting, to archery, and…"We're about to go do something really weird and I didn't think they'd be real animals but they're like yup... you [got to] gut this animal and I'm like okay..yeah. (makes a funny face)," says Caden jokingly. 

This adventure weekend becoming an all time favorite memory.


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