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Players on the Colorado Rockies visit patients at Memorial Hospital

Colorado Rockies visit patients at...

Jon Gray spends his life throwing curve balls, Maxine Meza is not dealing with her own, "You know I'm such an outgoing person this isn't something I want. So I'm just praying that somebody somewhere out there will give me a kidney," Maxine Meza says, she is in need of a kidney transplant.

Meza needs a kidney transplant to avoid a lifetime of dialysis. Kyle Freeland and Pat Valaika helped to make her wait a bit brighter, "Oh it was so amazing! I'm such a huge baseball fan. I couldn't ask for a better day," says Meza, "You see their faces light up and it's cool that I'm able to bring that to them," says Pat Valaika, Rockies infielder.

Some patients had the luxury of requesting a special visit from specific Rockies, "First of all he's an Oklahoma boy," says Anthony "Tony" Leatham. Tony Leatham wanted a chance to meet the Rockies ACE because they share a home visiting patients like Tony holds a special place in the heart of Jon Gray, "I don't know what it is, I just know I'm doing what I'm supposed to. It's just something, it's kind of a calling," says Gray. "To be able to meet somebody like that who's down to earth and a good ol country boy. I like that," says Leatham.

The visit also includes meeting a fellow elite athlete, after he recovers from an emergency appendectomy, Dale Royer shoots shotgun for Team USA. He sees the Rockies as role models,  "You can tell that both of those guys are very humble, they're taking time out of their day to go visit patients. I think that's a very unique quality to have for athletes themselves," says Royer.

The positive energy Gray, Valaika and the others brought to Memorial was infectious even for the players, "They're excited but that gets me excited too and we see that," says Gray," "It's not a sad place, it's full of joy and energy and it was great," says Valaika.


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