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Pueblo dog finally home after community helps give her a second chance

"Happy" back home after facing...

PUEBLO, Colo. - PUEBLO, Colo. – After a long journey with an uncertain future, a puppy in Pueblo is finally home with her new family.

She was given a second chance to a dog deemed "aggressive" in Pueblo.

Pueblo Animal Services intended to euthanize the pit bull mix puppy because they say it displayed aggressive behavior.

However, when Kent Hill saw the young pup, he wanted to step in to give the dog a chance. At the time, though, he was told because of behavior, adoption wasn't an option.

“You've got somebody willing to adopt that dog and pay all the fees, and they tell you “no, you can't have her. We are going to euthanize her.” I was devastated when I walked out of there,” said Hill at the end of March.

But refusing to give up on the puppy, Hill took to social media to talk about the dog and his experience with a similar situation with his dog Bruno. 

After his video was posted, the community responded in a big way and bombarded the shelter with calls and messages, hoping the dog would get a second chance.

Eventually, the community outcry pushed the shelter to find another shelter in Boulder that could take the dog with a  behavioral program.

Now, the dog, renamed Happy, is adopted and in her forever home with Hill.

Hill says he is grateful for the community and the second chance given to the pup.

So far, he says Happy is doing great, and is on her way to becoming at therapy dog in his chiropractic office as well.


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