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Salvation in sight for East Pueblo's Food Desert


PUEBLO, Colo - Food deserts are areas of a city or town in which fresh fruit, vegetables, and other healthy food options, are usually hard to come by. 

Normally located in impoverished areas, food deserts can force communities -- where public transportation is one of the only options available to people -- into food shopping at fast food restaurants or convenience stores.

The East Side of Pueblo has been experiencing this phenomenon ever since Safeway left its location at East Eighth Street and North Lacrosse Avenue last October.

But if District 2 City Councilman Larry Atencio has his way that empty lot may not be empty much longer.

Atencio says the city is in the midst of serious negotiations with Texas-based grocery store chain Lowe's.

While not a done deal as of yet, Atencio is applauding the efforts of local businessman Anthony Estrada for bringing Lowe's and Safeway to the table to discuss replacing the East Side Safeway.

If negotiations work out, a Lowe's grocery store could open at the former Safeway location as early as late June.


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