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Snowplow drivers: An inside perspective

Going behind the scenes with El Paso County driver

Snowplow Drivers: An Inside Look

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - A fleet of 35 trucks responded to the latest winter storm in El Paso County.

The trucks depart from the crew headquarters near the intersection of Marksheffel Road and Constitution Avenue just east of Colorado Springs.

The first shift started at 2 a.m. Thursday and the second shift rolled out at noon.

Before each shift, supervisors meet to reflect on the previous shift and plan for the next one.

Doug Orr, a driver with six years of experience, said plow drivers conduct safety inspections on their trucks before leaving.

The trucks spread a layer of sand and salt to provide drivers with traction on ice and snow.

Orr said on some roads, such as Marksheffel, he'll have to plow them more than a dozen times before they're clear of ice and snow.

He said despite some complaints that drivers don't plow soon enough, he enjoys his job because it keeps drivers safe in winter conditions.

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