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Snowplows Get Upgrades in Southeastern Colorado

VIDEO: CDOT Shows New Snowplow Features

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - With snow season almost in full swing, the Colorado Department of Transportation displayed some new features and tools for their snowplows.

CDOT Highway maintenance supervisor, Brad Bauer says plows will now come equipped with a new brine treatment that they make themselves. Drivers will pour the brine out of their 6,000 gallon tanker trucks hours before snow is expected to fall. Which may be confusing for people driving near the tankers. "I think that is going to be a shocker for the public to see that," Bauer says. "They just need to understand for their safety, we got to get some product on the ground."

Another addition to the snowplows is a patrol wing that extends out of the right side of the truck to clear more snow. Bauer says, "Instead of getting a normal 12 foot length on a plow it gives us about 16 feet." 

The patrol wing does create some danger for surrounding drivers. There have been cases where someone tried to pass the snowplow on the right side and hit the wing. Troy Morrison, one of the plow drivers who has worked with CDOT for nine years says there are lights on the edge of the wing but with heavy snow fall and low visibility, it's still difficult to see. 

Both Bauer and Morrison recommend the best thing to do while driving near a snowplow is to be cautious and patient. Slow down, give the plow operators a little extra room," says Morrison. "Don't be in a rush, that's how accidents happen."



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