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Some UCCS students say Austin Bluffs Parkway is too dangerous

Does UCCS need more crosswalks?

UCCS student death

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - We're learning more about the UCCS student hit and killed on Austin Bluffs Parkway over the weekend. Police have identified the teen as Zachary Schlagel of Winsor, Colorado.

KRDO News Channel 13's Cinthia Maldonado went to the campus today for a closer look at the dangers students’ face just walking to class.

It’s a crosswalk. Pedestrians moving among the cars.

"I just think it’s unsafe."

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) sits on about a mile stretch on Austin Bluffs Parkway.

There you can see students walking to class like Brandon Goldstein. He's studying pre-med.
"I walk from west edge over to Austin Bluffs and Meadows."

Brandon says the Austin Bluffs Parkway intersection is simply too dangerous.
t would be a lot safer if there were more crosswalks 'cause kids could get across without feeling the need to j-walk."

Just to show you how busy this intersection is, I placed my camera on the south side of Stanton Rode and crossed over.


“UCCS students say an accident like this was bound to happen especially since there are not enough crosswalks for the amount of pedestrians on this campus.”

"At least one more, at least. Probably two would be great."

Even though UCCS already has three crosswalks on Austin Bluffs Parkway students say that’s not enough.

"We have a very large student population.”


Stella Stelle, who’s back at UCCS for her masters, says some students can't afford to pay for daily parking.


"it's very expensive for students to park on campus so a lot of people are going park across the street on residential neighborhoods to park and of course they're having to cross Austin Bluffs Parkway which is a very very heavily traffic area. We need more crosswalks we need our students to be safe."

According to Colorado Springs Police— Sunday’s hit and run is the 31st traffic-related fatality in 2017.
This time last year there were three fewer.

"Unfortunately a lot of drivers they don't pay attention.”


 A fact of life here that forces pedestrians to always be aware.


Colorado Springs Police tell us Schlagel is the eight pedestrian to die in Colorado Springs this year.

Also, police has not released the driver's name.


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