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Steve Bannon Visits Colorado Springs

For Closed Door Conference

VIDEO Steve Bannon Visits Broadmoor...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A private conference is being held Thursday night at the Broadmoor Hotel and controversial former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is expected to be the main speaker.

The conference is hosted by the Council for National Policy and consists of several conservative leaders.

Information about the meeting was tight-lipped as hotel staff said they were not allowed to talk about any event at the Broadmoor that's not printed on the the daily schedule available to guests.

However, we were able to talk to Bannon briefly over the phone in his hotel room. When asked to do an interview, he said to contact his security team before hanging up. Daniel Cole, spokesman for the Colorado Republican Party says he isn't surprised at the secrecy surrounding Bannon and the conference.

"Bannon is a guy who is trying to operate behind the scenes to get people elected and to beat other people," says Cole.

The hotel is no stranger to secret gatherings of the highest political and financial ranks. The Koch Brothers met there in June, but no one knew until after they had cleared out. Cole says, "We have a lot of conservative conferences happen in Colorado Springs, especially at the Broadmoor."

Cole speculates that Bannon will discuss ways to get Democrats and Republicans to step in line with President Trumps plan.

"Steve Bannon is first and foremost a 'Trumpist'," says Cole. "He is primarily interested in building a U.S. Congress and in supporting candidates for Governor across the country who are going to support the President's agenda and align with the President's agenda."

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