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Taking heroism into overdrive

Wear red hero

Taking heroism into overdrive

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Every Friday, we wear red to honor and support the men and women in our military but today, we honor a man - making a difference in the lives of our veterans by helping them overcome physical challenges.
This hero knows our servicemen and women often undergo great sacrifices.

In an effort to show a mere fraction of his appreciation, he's taken go kart racing to the next level.
Jim Mundle is no war hero but has overcome similar challenges disabled vets face postwar. He's a double amputee.
"I lost my legs due to staph infections in both of my feet. So it was a very big change and challenge and challenging change for me and my family,” says Jim.

One of the challenges, watching others have fun from the sidelines.

"We went to an amusement park down in Orlando and they told me I couldn't ride any of the roller coasters or any of the fun rides."

His reality reminded him of our nation's wounded warriors. That’s when he took action and decided to invest in hand controlled go karts. “A lot of these guys that come back from war, that come back disabled it's a whole new way of life they've got to learn to find ways to keep their lives exciting."

One of those vets is Jerry Devaul. He lost his legs six years ago.He says being wheeled around is rough."The limitations in the social life sometimes is a little uncomfortable. I try not to complain much just to live life the way it’s put in front of me."

We asked Jerry to put the new ADA hand controlled go karts to the test. Lap after lap, without any trouble you can see Jerry using the paddle-shifter to race around the track.

"The adrenaline rush is like so fast. It's the same exact thing as with your feet only with your hands. It gets joyful. Overwhelming experience to get that rush, the wind coming up through underneath the helmet," explains Jerry.

Literally, a firsthand experience, all thanks to someone who was able to relate to others. "For awhile I was worried about having like not being able to experience life like I used to.”

Jim says he’s making things different, “Here at Overdrive we want to take that away. We want to make sure everyone here is equal. If you're a paraplegic and you want to race Go Karts you can come and race like anybody else."

That’s why Jim Mundle is our wear red hero. On Saturday May 20th, rain or shine Overdrive Raceway will be having a re-grand opening celebration showcasing their new shifter karts and technology. That also includes the Go Karts for Vets.  The event runs from 10 a.m. to midnight.

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