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The Air Academy baseball team can't wait for state tournament

Weather postpones tournament.

Air Academy baseball team can't wait...

If it were up to the Kadets, they'd suit up and play Evergreen in the snow, "Man I just want to get into it, I just want to play. It's been like a week since our last game right now. I'm ready, I'm ready to go," says Sam Cregan.

They're ready to meet the challenge head on, whatever it is, whether it's a 4A final eight opponent or a stretch of games to save their season, "We came to the point where pretty much if we didn't pretty much win out our season we weren't going to win league it was going to be a stretch to make the playoffs. Having that pressure that really lit a fire under our butts I think so that was really good," says Cregan.

The Kadets won their league and now they're one of the hottest teams in the state, "We just had to come back together as a unit. Stop thinking about stats and start thinking about how we wanted to do at the end of the year. We just had to think about winning and winning and winning, not how we were doing individually," says James Verlinde.

Luckily for head coach Doug Goldberg, his rag tag group of fourteen seniors have been playing together since little league, which makes overcoming obstacles a little easier, "They're all competitors, they all want to play. They've been great teammates. They're good teammates, they're good young men to each other," says Goldberg.

When their trek toward a state title resumes on Monday, the Kadets are confident in their chances to bring home the hardware, "No one would be surprised, I'll say that. No one would be surprised. But it would also be pretty incredible," says Cregan.

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