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This is what Monday's total solar eclipse felt like in Wyoming


CASPER, WY - The skies were clear and the sun was out Monday morning in Casper, Wyoming as the first total solar eclipse in nearly four decades creeped across the sky to turn day to night.

The moon first began to pass in front of the sun over Casper at 10:22 A.M. Over the next hour and twenty minutes, a bright and sunny August morning started to feel like a mid afternoon fall day.

Finally at 11:42 A.M. the moon's journey was complete. Totality was reached.

When the moment arrived, fireworks could be seen in the skies over the city as cheers and quiet moments of reflection were had across the region.

Totality lasted just 146 seconds, but the memory of the sun's corona illuminating a blue ring around the moon will stay with everyone who witnessed it for many years to come.


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