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Thursday snowstorm slows traffic from Colorado Springs to Denver

Spring storm slams Springs



Heavy, wet snow piled up on side roads and caused delays on both north and southbound lanes of i-25 from Colorado Springs to Denver on thursday.

It's something people here know is a possibility this time of year but with less than two weeks until June, is still a bit odd.

"Definitely not typical, but its definitely Colorado weather," said plow truck driver Thomas Buonocore.

CDOT plows had to compete with the falling snow to clear roads for commuters. Jeanie
Klein made her way up to Denver International Airport this morning from Colorado Springs to pick up friends flying in from Maryland.

"I kind of allowed myself an extra half hour cause normally it takes me about an hour and a half to make that trip," said Klein. "Today probably took me a good 2 to 2 and a half hours to get up there."

Klein's friend, Elaine Ward flew into Denver from Maryland this morning to much different weather than she was experiencing back East.

"This week its very hot there. It's 90 degrees....and we fly in and now its like 30 something degrees....we were told to bring layers, but I think I left my shorts at home!" Ward said.

With more snow expected overnight,
plow crews are rushing to clear parking lots before the remaining slush freezes.

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