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TRAFFIC: Traveling between Colorado and Wyoming

COLORADO/WYOMING - The Great American Eclipse came and went in a matter minutes, now the story is traffic and the travel home from Wyoming. 

Wyoming/Colorado Patrol officers were out over the weekend monitoring the traffic between states. The Colorado Department of Transportation said Monday it estimated more than 34,000 vehicles had gone to Wyoming over the weekend.



The increase in traffic flow didn't stop on Monday. Wyoming State Patrol stated in a Facebook Live early Monday morning that traffic was "wall-to-wall" and speed limits on I-25 had decreased to 15 miles per hour. 




Many are predicting the traffic coming back from Wyoming to be double or even triple the normal commuter traffic.

CSP estimates it to take four to five hours to get from the border of Wyoming to Denver. That's almost double the normal travel time.

The weekend gave a few day to spread the traffic out. Now that the eclipse is over, thousands that went through the Cheyenne Corridor over the last three or four days will be rushing to the roadways. 

“They will all be headed back at the same time. Drive safe!” CDOT said in a tweet.

We saw, just in Colorado Springs, crowded fields and tourists hot spots become vacant lots following the peak of the solar eclipse. 

Our partners at Denver have a few tips on how to skirt past some of the major traffic if you are coming back to Colorado from Wyoming. 

They say lesser-traveled highways such as Highway 85 and Highway 287 could be good alternatives to I-25. Also, traffic on I-76 wasn’t as bad Monday morning.



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