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U.S. News: Colorado ranks 10 on 'Best States Overall'

After gathering data on various factors such as healthcare, education, and economy, U.S. News has the state of Colorado ranked at 10 overall. 

The 'Best States Overall Ranking' takes into consideration what is listed above as well as the standard of infrastructure, crime and corrections, fiscal stability, and quality of life. 

Let's start with Colorado's strengths. 

The state ranked #1 in economy and #1 in lowest obesity rate. 

In the obesity category, which is just a section in the overall healthcare ranking, states like California and Hawaii trailed close behind Colorado. And in economy, Colorado beat out Utah and Washington. 

But winning those sections didn't get the colorful state to #1 overall, which was given to Iowa. The Hawkeye state listed high in infrastructure, healthcare, opportunity, and education.

And to Colorado's weak points...

It ranked low in categories such as opportunity, fiscal stability, and crime and corrections. 

It was 28 in opportunity, which looks at the overall economic opportunity, equality, and affordability in the state. Colorado came in at 31 for fiscal stability and 29 for crime and corrections. 

And at dead last in the overall state ranking was Louisiana. In all of the categories, the state either had numbers in the high 40s or dead last at 50.

For more on this story, visit U.S. News' website.

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