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Weekend snow could complicate wind damage recovery

Snow could further stress damaged trees

Snow Removal Follows Tree Removal For...

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - The possibility of heavy snow causing further damage to trees that were affected by strong winds earlier this week is being weighed by local crews and homeowners.

Zach Kaiser said he hadn't thought about it even as he walked his dog in Monument Valley Park, which is full of downed or damaged trees.

"I was a Boy Scout and they used to call (them) widowmakers, the loose branches up in trees, because you're walking by and the wind stirs the wrong way, and something heavy can come down on you and you'd never see it coming," he said.

Kaiser said he may go walking elsewhere if snow falls this weekend.

But Jay Hein, city forester for Colorado Springs, said the chance of branches and limbs being weighed down and falling is slim.

"If this was a spring or fall storm, where we had vegetation and foliage on the trees, then we'd probably be looking at a much greater risk," he said.  "But since all of the trees except for evergreens have lost their leaves, there's not a lot of surface area for the snow to collect on."

Local crews -- whether city, private or El Paso County -- said they'll continue with tree removal if it snows, as long as they can do so safely.

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