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Wind damage costs and claims

Wind damage costs and claims

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - It's a busy time for insurance adjusters, auto body shops and contractors as people start the process of making repairs.

For many people, Monday's historic wind-storm was an unexpected financial blow.

"People are starting to call in, make claims, everything like that," said Timothy Robins, estimator at CARSTAR Collision.

Robins expects his team to fix windows and windshields for weeks, and the repairs aren't cheap.

"I've seen windshields run over $1,000 for a pretty big piece of glass," Robins said.

It's not just shattered glass. The wind can do other damage, too.

"It picked up all the dust it threw it all onto my truck. If you look really close, you can see little pits in the paint in the glass," said Paul Arellano.

Like others, Arellano is relying on his insurance company for help.

"I can make an insurance claim on my truck and have it all repaired, repainted and new glass put in," Arellano said.

No matter what type of wind damage you have, you'll want to asses the damage, take a photo and call your insurance provider.

State Farm agent Dan Lewis says his office took nearly 500 calls Monday for claims. A majority of those calls were for fences and trees.

"Double check your coverage, asking the claims questions before they start processing the claim," Lewis said.

If a neighbor's tree falls on your property, wind claims are covered under that. Something to keep in mind when filing a claim: avoid scammers.

"Be looking for local contractors, looking for local offers, instead of working with people knocking on the door trying to earn business that way," Lewis said.

City officials say they're still assessing damage and coordinating with the state to see if they're eligible for FEMA funding.


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