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Wind vs people: High-speed winds rip through Colorado Springs

Wind Vs People: High wind speeds rip through Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - If you tried to get the mail, run an errand or simply cross the street Monday, the wind made things hard. Strong wind gusts ripped through Colorado Springs.

"It's ridiculous, out here man. If you don't have to be out here, don't be in it," said Andre Moore.

Debris flew throughout the streets.

"The courthouse is down because the roof is blowing off of the courthouse," said Paul Hoffman.

Sheriff's deputies used their shields to block it, while escorting people across the street. Simply walking or talking was not easy.

"It's insane. I come from California, we don't have wind like this," said one woman.

Destruction was visible at nearly ever corner.

"I've seen a few trees knocked down and it was hectic," said Ana Simon.

It's not just downed trees that kept people from going outside, it was the idea of opening a car door and trying to go outside. The wind made it impossible for people to do just that.

"Not easy, not easy at all. Not easy to stand, as you can tell. Good luck with what you're doing because its a nightmare today," said Ronda Synder.

Running errands at the grocery store was even a major task.

"We're sitting in our car, I was afraid to get out," said Laura Ward.

"I was blown almost into the street by the wind. With a really good gust, it was bad," said Shelby Winton.

Through all of this, no major injuries have been reported.

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