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Working hard or hardly working in Colorado Springs snow?

Working in the Snow

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - On a cold day, clocking in isn't always easy.

For Cece West, a sidewalk salter from Timberline Landscaping, says this is the biggest storm she's seen this season. She calls her job easy, but sometimes, "the tires get really built up [with snow] and don't want to roll so that can be challenging."

In Southeast Colorado Springs, a taxi driver kept busy overnight. Bill Wieczorek said, "people don't want to walk, or wait at a bus stop or even drive in this." 

His busy night came at a cost after his windshield wiper snapped Sunday morning. He says, "It just came apart when I turned on the windshield wipers, it was frozen to the windshield."

In the Rockrimmon area, work looked a little different. Families climbed a steep hill and used toboggans to sled down.

John Pylate, a father who brings his kids, says, "It's not that bad. You just got to take your time."

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