Holiday weekend tests improvements at I-25 & Cimarron Street interchange

Colorado Springs project addresses traffic jams

I-25 & Cimarron project gets major...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The point where Interstate 25 crosses downtown Colorado Springs and U.S. 24 is often among the most congested local areas during peak traffic periods such as Memorial Day weekend.

So has the ongoing interchange project there, improved traffic flow?

"It might be a little better but I don't think it'll be much different yet," said Christina Bassett, of Colorado Springs.  "It's not finished, so it's hard to judge."

Clark DeGeer, also of Colorado Springs, is closer to traffic on his motorcycle.

"I try to stay away from it as much as possible," he said.  "But I think it's getting a little bit better."

The project provides a significant addition -- longer entrance and exit ramps to minimize traffic backups onto Interstate lanes, a common problem in previous summers.

But DeGeer said he's not convinced the longer ramps are effective.

"When I was out (Friday) morning, (they were) completely full," he said.  "I'd hate to see how that would look if all that traffic was on the highway."

Joan Charkin, a tourist from New York, offers a different perspective.

"I've gone through there the past few days and haven't had a problem with traffic," she said. 

The interchange project is scheduled for completion this fall.

To help ease congestion, the Colorado Department of Transportation is stopping work on road projects for the weekend.

"But there are still going to be cone zones," said CDOT spokeswoman Michelle Peulen.  "We still need drivers to obey those reduced speed limits."

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