Hwy 24 crash sparks debate about yellow flashing arrows

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A two-vehicle crash at the intersection of U.S. 24 and Marksheffel Rd. Wednesday sparked a conversation about the safety of yellow flashing arrows.
"It's so confusing," said Jessia Mir ."If it's flashing, we wait, or go, it's confusing."

The crash

State troopers say a white pickup was traveling westbound on Highway 24 when it tried making a left turn on Marksheffel. That's when a cement truck hit the pickup.

All four people involved were sent to the hospital. One passenger in the white truck has serious injuries.

CDOT announced at 10 a.m. that the crash was cleared and roads were reopened. 

Yellow flashing arrows

Corporal J.R. Benavides, with Colorado State Patrol said it's becoming a problem.

"There are drivers that are unfamiliar with that flashing yellow or aren't quite used to that," he said.

Under current state law: if you have a flashing yellow arrow - you have to yield the right of way when making a left turn.

"In years past, it wasn't that way," he said. "The light system did not include a flashing yellow arrow. It would either be solid green or red."

Jessica Mir, a local business owner, said it's very confusing driving to work with the yellow arrows.

"You can say I want green or red," she said. "But when it's flashing yellow, can I go, or wait."

So bottom line: always yield to flashing yellow arrows.

CDOT reports there have been seven crashes at the intersection of U.S. 24 and Marksheffel Rd. from 2015 to 2016. One was specifically due to a driver failing to yield to a flashing yellow arrow.

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