Tumbleweeds Takeover Homes

FOUNTAIN, Colo. - An abandoned golf course in Fountain is causing problems to some neighbors nearby. Tumbleweeds are taking over their yards. One neighbor said she is fed up with the clean up and wants to know who?s responsible. ?It's unsightly. It's a fire hazard. I mean talk about combustible," said Marcia Gieck.

Gieck lives next to the Apple Tree Golf Course in Fountain.

"It was beautiful golf course, well maintained, nothing like it looks today," said Gieck.

The property was foreclosed on in 2006. In Feb. 2011, it was sold to Lennar Corporation.

"All of that land has never been maintained in the 2 1/2 years," Gieck said.

Today the golf course is dry and brown. The club house is boarded up and Gieck said the worst part is the never-ending tumbleweeds.

"From last April through July, we spent three hours every Sunday bagging tumble weeds," said Gieck.

Gieck tried to call the city of Fountain for help. She said officials told her ?you shouldn?t have bought a house by a golf course.?

During an interview with KRDO on Monday, city workers showed up to Gieck?s home and removed tumbleweeds from a ditch in front of her yard.

She said she was surprised, but happy to get the help. However, she said it doesn?t solve the problem.

"This is somebody's fault and it needs to be corrected," she said.

Gieck wants the property owners to put a perimeter fence to block tumbleweeds from getting into neighbor?s yards.

"We can still see the mountains, we?ll just be eliminated from all that garbage," said Gieck.

KRDO called Lennar Corporation to find out what is going to be done with the golf course, but did not receive a call back.

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