2 Medal of Honor recipients from Fort Carson donate their medals to the 4th Infantry Division

Donating 2 Medal of Honor to Fort Carson

FORT CARSON, Colo. - Two Medal of Honor recipients from Fort Carson have donated their awards to the 4th Infantry Division they once served.

Retired Capt. Florent Groberg  and SSgt. Clint Romesha  gave their medals to Fort Carson as a way to show that the honor belongs to every soldier.

Groberg presented both the medals during a ceremony Thursday. Romesha was unable to attend. Florent Groberg was an Army Captain in 2012 when he saved several lives by tackling a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. Romesha received his medal in 2013 for his actions during the 2009 battle at combat outpost Keating in Eastern Afghanistan.

"It's like coming home, you know? It's an honor to be here with all these incredible individuals, civilian and military. To return [the] medal to where it belongs, our home. It really belongs to the folks who put on a uniform and served out there with us. There's never for one moment an action that happened where it was just one individual it’s a team effort. I know Clint and I wish we could have brought home everyone," Groberg said.

"They get to see people who have gone before them which I think is very important and it reminds us all  of all, you know,  the legacy we have to live up to," added Maj. Gen. Randy George.

The medals are now on proud display at the Fort Carson headquarters building.

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