UPDATE: Two Venetucci Farm Guard Dogs Find New Home

Colorado Springs, COLO. - We first reported the uncertain future of Venetucci Farms on Friday when the farm announced operations have been brought to a halt and the farmers have been fired because it is losing funding.

A majority of the farm's revenue came from leasing wells on the property to Security Water Sanitation District, but the lease had ended.

By the end of the year, staff will be gone and that includes two of the farm's livestock guard dogs who have found a new home.

The farms says the two Great Pyrenees dogs, names Lewis and Clark, are "very sweet, great with kids and other dogs, and have been used to guard both chickens and goats. They need good fencing and lots of space to roam, and bark a lot at night to keep the predators away, so should not be too close to neighbors."

The farm posted the happy update on it's Facebook page.

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