UPDATE: 3 Alleged Victims Describe Abuse By Josh Carrier

Boys Say Carrier Touched Private Parts

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - In the fourth day of ex-CSPD officer Josh Carrier's child sex abuse trial, he faced three of the boys who say he abused them at Horace Mann Middle School.

The boys were all wrestlers at Mann last year when Carrier was a volunteer coach. Each told the court that Carrier touched their genitals as he did a skin exam, purportedly looking for skin problems wrestlers are prone to.

The first boy who testified, a 12-year-old, said that Carrier moved his genitals from side to side as he was checking his skin.

"I felt kind of awkward, but I thought it was mandatory," the boy said.

When asked about a naked image of him that police found on Carrier's computer, the boy said he felt "betrayed."

The next boy, a 14-year-old, said Carrier touched his penis after he pulled him out of class for a wrestling weigh-in. He told the court the same thing happened once in the fall and once in the spring. Carrier's defense attorney pointed out that this was the first time the boy had alleged that Carrier touched him more than once.

A third boy, 12, testified that, while examining him, Carrier notcied two "black dots" on his genitals and said he wanted to try to remove them. The boy said Carrier stroked his genitals because he told him it would be easier to remove the marks if the boy was aroused. He said Carrier pinched him and used tweezers to try and remove the marks before giving up and sending him back to class.

All three of the boys' parents also took the stand Wednesday. The father of the last boy to testify teared up on the stand, saying he was "devastated" and "couldn't believe he would let something like this happen" to his son.

None of the students who testified brought forth allegations of abuse until after Carrier was arrested for child pornography on May 11, something emphasized by Carrier's defense attorneys. When questioned, the boys said they didn't report anything sooner because they thought what Carrier was doing normal procedure for wrestling exams.

Carrier's attorney questioned one parent about the civil claim his family is a part of. He asked if the dad knew that his lawyer was seeking a settlement of no less than $1 million per student. The father said he was not aware of that.

We are tweeting live from the courtroom. Follow us at @KRDONC13Carrier.

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