UPDATE: School Board Member Accused Of Sexting Teen

Board President Responds To Stefanie Dickinson's Arrest

ELLICOTT, Colo. - The Ellicott School Board President is responding to the arrest of one of his members. Stefanie Dickinson, 37, is accused of sending sexual text messages to her son's 14-year-old friend. She was arrested Sunday and faces a charge of Internet Luring of a Child, a class-four felony.

"Innocent until proven guilty. Period. The end," said D-22 board president Todd Schainost. "I don't know whats going on. I just heard it on the news today. I'm not going to make a judgment call, I can't do that."

According to the arrest warrant obtained by KRDO Newschannel 13, the alleged victim went on vacation to the lake with Dickinson, her husband and two sons earlier this summer. He told investigators Dickinson asked for his phone number to send him pictures from the trip. He said the sexting began about a week later in late August.

One text from Dickinson to the boy refers to a specific sex act. Others read:

"I will work on not being scared so something can happen :)" "Baby I will rock ur effing world!! Haha" "O hell no baby...I just want u" "You can't tell anyone about this at all because I could lose my family"

During the interview with the boy, investigators asked if he felt Mrs. Dickinson was trying to get him to meet with her for sex and he stated that he did, adding, "I think she was kind of afraid," according to the arrest warrant.

The warrant says the two never actually met for sex.

The victim's sister told investigators she saw Dickinson hugging and talking to her brother several times at school and at football games and practices. She said she checked her brother's phone and told her parents about what she found.

Dickinson is out on $3,000 bail. KRDO Newschannel 13 went to her home and called her lawyer, but couldn't get any comment.

A Memorial Hospital spokesperson said Dickson works part-time there in the out patient radiology unit. He said she's now on administrative leave.

There was already an effort to recall Dickinson from her position of school board treasurer.

"I would like to see Mrs. Dickinson step up and resign from the school board fairly soon so maybe we can get this behind us," said Ernest Husdon, who's part of the recall effort. "We don't need this kind of attention here in Ellicott."

Ellicott School District 22 released the following statement regarding the arrest of Stephanie Dickinson:

"The District is aware of the allegation against Mrs. Dickinson and we have no direct information at this time and it would therefore be inappropriate to comment upon it. Mrs. Dickinson has been on the Board of Education for 2 years and is the Treasurer of the Board."

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