UPDATE: Still No Charge For Man Accused In Best Friend's Death

Suspect's Dad Says Death Was Accidental

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Police said Tuesday that it's still not clear what Tyler Theis will be charged with in the death of his friend. A CSPD spokesperson said the D.A.'s office is considering a manslaughter charge, not murder.

Theis was arrested Monday, accused of killing his close friend, Jacob Seabright, 22. Theis' father said he believes his son would never intentionally hurt his friend, and that the death was an accident.

"I'm just in shock right now, I can't believe these charges," said Richard Theis. "Jacob and Tyler, they were best friends. Jacob was like a little brother to him. It's just hard to comprehend the whole scenario."

Theis said his son and Jacob have known each other for years. He said Tyler told him that he was hanging out with Jacob on Thanksgiving night when they both fell down the basement steps at house where Jacob was staying. He said he didn't know whether they had been fighting. Theis said Jacob got a head injury.

"Tyler took him to the hospital, really against his will," said Theis. "He was coherent when they went up there, and I guess things took a turn for the worst."

He said Jacob died after a brain hemorrhage, and he and his son were there when he was taken off life-support.

Jacob's mother, Sally Seabright, said that alcohol played a large role in what happened.

"All I know is, Jake was a really good kid and so is Tyler," said Seabright. "I think if kids knew how fragile life was, this wouldn't have happened."

Police said Jacob died Sunday at Penrose Hospital. They have released very little information about the case and Tyler's arrest warrant is sealed. Investigators are still waiting on autopsy results.

Tyler remained in jail Tuesday on $200,000 bond.

"Hopefully, we'll see what comes out of the autopsy and it'll tell the truth," said Theis.

According to court records, Tyler has a criminal past with convictions including disorderly conduct, obstructing a peace officer, using a weapon while drunk and some alcohol violations.

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