UPS drivers won't turn left, here's why

NATIONAL - It seems like an impossible feat, but it's actually a daily task for employee drivers for UPS. They won't make left-hand turns on the job.

The reason is actually quite simple, the rule allows the company to save millions of gallons of fuel each year.

"A left-hand turn is also less fuel efficient," said Jack Levis, UPS Senior Director of Process Management, "because your car's idling longer, which is also not good for your vehicle."

By making right hand-turns only, the company helps lower the risk of accidents for their drivers and emissions that are equivalent to 20,000 passenger cars.

The unique decision which has been brought to light in recent weeks has actually been used by the company for decades. Now, UPS uses  computer software and GPS to manage their fleet and find the most fuel efficient route, with safety also in mind.

While the practice works to save 10 million gallons of fuel for the postal service company, the will probably not be practical in your everyday life. However, the move can help lower your risk of having an accident. According to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Association turning left accounts for 61 percent of crashes involving turns. in contrast, crashes involving right turns only account for 3 percent.

A detailed report from CNN can be found by clicking here.

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