7 people are confirmed dead and thousands of homes have been damaged or destroyed by historic flooding in Colorado.

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Monday, Sept. 23

9:51 p.m. - 6 people remain unaccounted for. The death toll stands at 7.

Saturday, Sept. 21

State lawmakers have been assured a $100 million cap on federal highway emergency money will be lifted. That will help the state rebuild several roads washed away by recent floods. Representative Cory Gardner said Colorado could get up to $500 million.

Thursday, Sept. 19

4:02 p.m. - Officials have confirmed a 4th flood-related fatality in Boulder County bringing the storm death-toll up to 7 state-wide.

3:58 p.m. - 201 people are currently listed as missing.

10:08 a.m. - The man whose body was pulled from Sand Creek in southeast Colorado Springs on Sept. 16 has been identified as James Nelson Bettner, 47. The coronor has ruled the cause of his death was accidental drowning.

Wednesday, Sept. 18

5:12 p.m. -  The Colorado Springs Disaster Assistance Center will open Thursday, Sept 19, at 12 p.m. at Cañon Elementary School, located at 1201 West Cheyenne Road. Hours of operation: Thursday:  Noon - 6:00 p.m., Friday:  9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., Saturday: 9:00 a.m. - Noon.

4:38 p.m. - CO Highway 194 is open in both directions north of La Junta.

3:17 p.m. - Cheyenne Mountain Dist. 12: Cañon Preschool will reopen on a normal schedule beginning Thursday, September 19.

3:13 p.m. - The number of unaccounted for individuals has fallen to 197.

1:54 p.m. - Below is the text of a news release from Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station:

By order of the CMAFS Installation Commander: 
All mission and non-mission essential personnel will report to CMAFS as normal Thur, 19 Sep. Upper parking lot will be available in the bldg 100 and 101 areas. 
Personnel coming to duty inside the mountain will process through bldg. 100 as normal and take the shuttle in from that point. Pedestrian traffic in and out of the portal is forbidden.
Be advised that speed limit is lowered to 15 mph at certain marked areas and there remains safety concerns in the area. All personnel should take extreme caution and abide by all safety notification and direction of first responders.

11:26 a.m. - Below is an initial list of flood damage to El Paso County Roads from the recent storms. The total initial and approximate estimated cost for flood damages from the recent storms is $1,850,000.

Old Stage Road ($800,000)
The mountain gravel road saw a total washout over about a half-mile section, including ditches, culverts and road base and subgrade.  Washouts along the County-maintained portion of the gravel road may also have damaged underground and overhead utilities and created hazardous trees within the right-of-way.
Rock Creek Canyon Road ($250,000)
A 300-feet section of low-grade paved road alongside a stream was destroyed when rushing floodwater overflowed the stream bed and washed out the surface of the road, leaving the road impassable and stranding more than a dozen residents.  Temporary repairs allowed temporary ingress/egress to the residents.
Spruce Lane/Wind Dance Lane (Approximately $200,000)
Along Spruce Lane an approximately 300-feet section was damaged at the edge of the asphalt pavement and ditch line. Floodwater may also have damaged the storm drain inlet at the intersection of Wind Dance Lane.
Paseo Corto (Approximately $250,000)
Damage to gravel surface and ditches/slopes over an approximately 300-feet section.  Some private accesses restored.  
Academy Bridges (EPC 4099-02.36L and EPC 4099-02.36R) (Approximately $250,000)
These bridges are over Fountain Creek and have experienced serious impacts from the recent storms.  Scour is increasing at the foundations of these structures causing concern for a potential catastrophic failure.
Golden Lane Bridge (EPC 2196-00.00) (Approximately $100,000)
This structure is located over Fountain Creek in Old Colorado City.  Repair work is needed to repair abutment due to the recent storm events.

Tuesday, Sept. 17

6:09 p.m. - The statewide fatality number has been reduced to 6.
The two missing and presumed dead individuals from Larimer County are now listed under missing numbers to more accurately reflect their status

5:43 p.m. - The city of Colorado Springs says flooding has caused $10 million in infrastructure damage and that 89 homes have experienced significant damage.

Closed Roads:
  • Cheyenne Road between Mayhurst Ave. and Hulda Lane
  • Camp Creek Road between the tunnels
  • South Cheyenne Canyon Rd-Closed (significant debris and sediment on the road OUTSIDE of Seven Falls entrance). City Streets will continue to work in the area Wednesday.
Impact to city parks:

Greenway Trail (South of Nevada Ave and Treemont St to Polk St are closed)

  • Sinton Trail- closed
  • North Cheyenne Canyon-closed (including Lower Gold Camp Rd)
  • Palmer Park -closed
  • Harlan Wolfe Park- closed.
  • Ute Valley Park- open
  • Starsmore Discovery Center- open
  • Rock Ledge Ranch- open
  • America the Beautiful Park- open
  • Red Rock Canyon Open Space-open
  • Garden of the Gods – open (Foothills Trail, north of Gateway Rd is closed)
  • Seven Falls- closed

12:17 p.m. - Voluntary evacuations along Cheyenne Creek in Colorado Springs have been lifted.

10:56 a.m. - Fountain Creek is overflowing into a parking lot in the 1300 block of Manitou Avenue in Manitou Springs.

9:57 a.m. - CO 194 closed north of La Junta due to flooding. No estimated time to reopen.