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Horse neglect case has horse owners asking questions

Horse neglect case has horse owners asking questions

Horse neglect case has horse owners asking questions

Rachael s Late Monday Forecast

Rachael's Late Monday Forecast

Tracking another windy day on Tuesday, before cooler weather arrives on Wednesday.

Rachael s Monday Forecast

Rachael's Monday Forecast

We are tracking another warm day, but it's going to get windy again. Wednesday will bring a slight chance for showers, along with some cooler air.

Abby s Monday Afternoon Forecast

Abby's Monday Afternoon Forecast

Lows will dip to the 30s and 40s throughout southern Colorado with mostly clear skies. Some breezy conditions are expected, but outside of that - calm conditions are in anticipated all around.

Abby s Monday Morning Forecast

Abby's Monday Morning Forecast

Highs will range in the 60s and 70s throughout southern Colorado. We're tracking mostly sunny skies and dry conditions as well, with just a few sprinkles in the mountains.

Jason s Sunday Evening Forecast

Jason's Sunday Evening Forecast

Dry conditions will last thorough much of Tuesday. One day of rain will enter the region on Wednesday however it will quickly clear the area.

Homeowners Warned to Watch For Roofing Scams

Homeowners Warned to Watch For Roofing Scams

Dishonest workers may try to profit from area hailstorms.

Jason s Sunday Afternoon Forecast

Jason's Sunday Afternoon Forecast

A few mountain showers are expected tonight. However conditions will remain dry until Tuesday night. Rain will return on Wednesday.

Suzanne Louden Taekwando Black Belt

Suzanne Louden, Taekwando Black Belt

A 77-year-old woman from monument earned her Black Belt in Taekwando, proving that she is Colorado Strong

Jay s Sunday Morning Weather

Jay's Sunday Morning Weather

It will be a nice day today around the region with plenty of sunshine around the area. There will be a few showers around


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