Water levels at Lake Pueblo continue to rise

Water levels at Lake Pueblo continue to rise

PUEBLO, Colo. - Water levels at Lake Pueblo continue to rise, causing some areas to close and keeping lake officials on high alert.

The water elevation is at 4,887 feet right now and the record is 4,888.3 feet.

There are areas that are usually above the water line right now that are submerged. That includes the south boat ramp that has been closed. 

Lake Manager Monique Mullis said before 2015, they didn't see levels like this but it's becoming the new norm.

"It's kind of one of those, it is what it is things. Yeah, it's frustrating. It's much easier to just park your car and get out, but I think most people understand this is really just something we have no control of," Mullis said.

Starting on March 15, people downstream can request water stored in Lake Pueblo. By April 15, the lake has to be at a certain level and right before that is when they might have to open up the dam. 

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