Ken Van Holbeck's helping hand

Warrior helping Warriors and their families

Ken Van Holbeck's helping hand

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - One retired Air Force veteran has come full circle to once again mentor other warriors in a very unique way. Ken Van Holbeck opened the doors of Warrior Counseling and Consulting to help those affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or P-T-S-D.  Ken served 30 years and retired as a Command Chief Master Sergeant.

Van Holbeck has a link to these warriors and their families when it comes to P-T-S-D.  This therapist was diagnosed with it in 2002.   Ken Van Holbeck told me he went through a period of deep depression before being treated for it.  He knew that after he retired that counseling was a way for him to help others who also suffered from P-T-S-D.  Ken told me, "It really opened my eyes to what can be done for people who suffer similar symptoms." 

Richard and Mckenna Van Horn are two of Ken's clients.  Richard is former Army who deployed to Iraq and believes Ken has been invaluable for him, "He's been there.  He himself is a combat vet so he's been through the same stuff we have.  It's more than talking to a counselor.  It's talking to a brother-in-arms."

Richard's wife, Mckenna is also suffering from P-T-S-D, "I sought treatment myself because there were stories that Richard told me that I could handle myself.  I didn't know what to do with the emotions I was feeling.  Ken just gets it like no one else, does."

Ken Van Holbeck is a Wear Red Friday Hero on so many levels. What he told me during our interview validated him as our choice for the week, "I've got two families, my biological family and I love them, but I also have another family.  I consider everyone wearing a uniform defending our country as family and this is a great opportunity to connect with people who I didn't think I would have much contact with once I retired."

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