Red Fridays

Join KRDO and Wear Red To Support Our Troops

Many service men and women can’t spend time with their loved ones because they’re stationed overseas. It can be a lonely time for the soldiers as well as the families here at home.

We ask you to join KRDO Newschannel 13 and wear red on Fridays to show the families of our military that we support them.

By wearing red, you are not taking a stand for or against the wars in Afghanistan or Iraq, but instead are letting our service men and women see that you recognize their sacrifice.

Get your business, your school, or your family involved. Then, share a picture of your group with us.

Get involved, show that we care and appreciate the sacrifices our military and their families are making to protect our country.


Every week KRDO NewsChannel 13 will feature a "Red Friday Hero." This hero does not have to be in the military. It could be a military spouse, someone who works with our military -- anyone who puts a smile on the faces of those around him/her. If you know someone who deserves recognition for what they do, nominate them to be our "Red Friday Hero."


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