Welcome back home 2nd FST Soldiers!

Fort Carson Homecoming

2ND FST Homecoming

FORT CARSON, Colo. - Just in time for the holidays—families and friends welcomed home a handful of Fort Carson soldiers today. NewsChannel 13's Cinthia Maldonado joins us with in the studio with that story.

 Tis’ the season of homecomings!  Today, about 20 soldiers finally returned home to their loved ones. While overseas, the 2nd Forward Surgical Team  (FST) cared for soldiers and Marines on the front lines. The team was deployed to two different locations in Afghanistan for nine months. Now, for one soldier it’s time to pick up where he left off with his then-newborn.

"I left when my newborn was four months old.  He's now 13 months and so much has changed in his life. He's walking and kind of talking now things like that so it's kind of been a big day full of emotions. I'd say happiness and maybe a little sadness 'cause I missed out on nine months. However seeing him and him recognizing me that was a big win," says Captain William Townsend.

The FTS also saved the lives of locals serving as the secondary surgical team for the Afghani medical system.

From everyone at KRDO, welcome back and happy holidays!

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