Why are the VW's parked by Pikes Peak International Raceway?

DRONE VIDEO: Volkswagen cars parked...

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo - Drivers along the I-25 have likely noticed a growing lot of what appears to be perfectly fine looking cars. 

The diesel Volkswagen cars have been arriving by the truckload since January, after VW was found to be violating the Clean Air Act by selling diesel cars equipped to beat emissions tests. 

About a half a million cars were sold with the technology to beat the emission tests, but then emit more nitrogen oxide than allowed by the EPA while driving. 

Auto Trader and Kelly Blue Book executive publisher Karl Brauer said it didn't just damage Volkswagen's image. 

"But what was the heart and soul of Volkswagen to a lot of people's minds, which was their diesel vehicles that got incredibly good fuel economy and were fun to drive," Brauer said.

The EPA said Volkswagen cannot resell or export any of the affected cars without fixing them first and those fixes take time. 

"It can take up to a full day to do the work and there's half a million of these vehicles to be processed which results in a pretty lengthy backlog of cars that now need to be updated," Brauer said. 

Affected vehicles include 2009-2015 TDI diesel Jettas, Passats, Golfs and Beetles as well as the TDI Audi A-3.

Owners of affected vehicles have until Sept. 1, 2018 to submit a claim, which can be done on this website. 


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