Bear terrorizes resident in Fountain: "Bear will not leave my house"

WATCH: Bear terrorizes neighborhood...

FOUNTAIN, Colo. - A woman in Fountain had an unwanted visitor over the weekend. 

Apparently, a bear keeps coming up to her home near Crest Street and tearing into her trash. 

She sent us a video taken on Crest Street that shows a bear in the road chowing down on his latest dumpster dive. 

The last you see on the video is of the bear climbing over a neighboring fence and walking off into the darkness. 

If you spot a bear in your neighborhood, contact Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Once the bear knows that it is possible to get food in your area, it will keep coming back. So, CPW needs to be notified so the problem can be handled in the safest way possible.

CPW also asks that you secure your trash cans by strapping them down or keeping them in a secure spot.  


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