CPW "pretty confident" it euthanized bear in Boulder Co. attack

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. - Colorado Parks and Wildlife believes the black bear that attacked a sleeping teen in Boulder County has been euthanized. 

KDVR reported on Monday that officials say they are "pretty confident" it's the same bear after authorities located one similar near where the attack happened and the victim, Dylan, was able to identify it. 

Colorado Parks and Wildlife said that with witness descriptions plus the fact that the bear returned to the same area within 24 hours leads it to believe it euthanized the one that attacked he 19-year-old. 

Dylan claims that while he was sleeping in his tent at a campground near the Glacier View Ranch on Sunday, the bear got in, wrapped its paw around him, and started to bite at his head. 

KDVR reported that the bear dragged Dylan about 10 feet out of his sleeping bag. With the help of other members in his group, he was able to get free.

The teen had big gashes on his head that needed nine staples. He has been released and is doing OK. 

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is waiting on a necropsy test to come back, which will positively identify the bear.

To read more on this story, visit KDVR's website.  


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