Fremont Co. SO urging residents to secure trash cans after bear sighting in Canon City

WATCH: Bear sighting in Canon City

CANON CITY, Colo. - The Fremont County Sheriff's Office is asking its residents to secure their trash cans after deputies spotted a bear tearing into garbage in Canon City on Sunday night. 

Deputies were patrolling along Grand Avenue when they saw the bear. 

Apparently, it tore into several trash cans. 

FCSO gave the following tips on how people can prevent bears from getting into their trash:

  • Ask your trash company if they have bear proof trash cans
  • Don't put your trash out until the morning your trash company will be picking up your trash, not the night before.
  • Always put your trash bags in a hard container, please don't just set your bags on the curb
  • Use a bungee cord and strap down the lip to your existing trash can

The Sheriff's Office also stated, "Nothing happened to the bear, he went on his way."


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