Hundreds gather for Bighorn Sheep Day at Garden of the Gods

Hundreds gather for Bighorn Sheep Day...

COLORADO SPRINGS - Thousands of people gathered throughout the day on Saturday at Garden of the Gods in hopes of spotting bighorn sheep.

It is the 12th year Garden of the Gods has hosted Bighorn Sheep Day, the state’s animal.

People got the chance to celebrate the local wildlife and hear about the history of the front range through some public presentations.

A park manager says the local herd, known as the Rampart Range herd, actually came here by accident.

"This herd was kind of an accidental release back in the 40s when a truck just happened to break down during a transplant and the sheep had to have been let go. And they just kind of made their way over to what's known as queen's canyon," said Bret Tennis, operations administrator.

The park also hosted free nature walks, which are also available every day at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

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