Police urging public not to take selfies with bears after viral video in Aspen

ASPEN, Colo. - After a video of a momma bear and her cubs dropping out of a tree in Aspen went viral, police are issuing a safety warning about trying to photograph animals. 

According to the Aspen Police Department, a large crowd near the Hyman Avenue Mall tried taking pictures of the bear family and even attempted to get closer to capture a selfie.

Even one woman holding her child tried to get a selfie.  



What concerned officers, even more, was that the photo takers followed the bears as they tried to make a run for it, causing the mother to get separated from her cubs. 

“The mother bear returned to the mall, very agitated and making loud crying sounds,” police stated. “People were still walking right up to her, even when it was clear she was agitated and growling as people got close.”

The momma bear did reunite with her cubs. The Aspen Times recorded authorities, with their permission, removing the three from a tree on Thursday afternoon. 

Officers are reminding the public that it is illegal to harass any wildlife. 

“Lately, the Aspen bears have felt like Mariah Carey in Aspen on New Year’s Eve. The paparazzi have been following their every move around town, trying to get close and snap selfies,” the Aspen Police Department said on their Facebook.

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