Video of mountain lions continues to captivate social media

Video of mountain lions continues to...

BEULAH, Colo. - A mountain lion video sent to us from southern Colorado continues to 'wow' people on Facebook.

We caught up with the man who has the video that's capturing the attention of thousands.

Gary Kyte shared security footage of five mountain lions venturing around Beulah on Friday, March 24.

Kyte was willing to speak to KRDO NewsChannel 13 via facetime on Sunday. He still can't quite believe what he found on his video system.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, mountain lions are typically very elusive and normally don't travel in packs.

“I'm guessing it was a mother, and it looks like she came back with probably four of her babies,” explained Kyte.

When we shared Gary's video on the KRDO Facebook page, it was an instant hit, racking up likes, shares, and reaching a few hundred thousand people. It was clear Kyte captured something special.

Some agreed with his thoughts that the group was a family of lions.

“We see mountain lions and bears and things like that fairly regularly, maybe three or four times a year. So it's not unusual to see a lion, but it is unusual to see a lion with four cubs,” said Kyte.

Kyte added that he's not concerned since human and lion interaction is so rare, though he warns his neighbors to keep an eye on their pets and children.


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