PUEBLO, Colo. -

Drivers battled Mother Nature between Pueblo and Colorado Springs Saturday.

On an otherwise beautiful day, it was the wind that drove most of the complaints.

"Very, very windy, I'm only going 55 miles per hour," said Valerie Lira. "My car is rocking and everything."

The Colorado State Patrol warned drivers about low visibility on Interstate 25 near mile marker 114. High winds blew dust across the highway.

The National Weather Service said the winds topped out at 43 miles per hour in Pueblo but those wind gusts are measured at the airport several miles from where the wind knocked drivers around.

"A couple of times I found myself kind of swerving over and I wasn't doing it intentionally, it was the wind," said Hannah Zabukovic.

Despite the heavy wind and dust clouds, no major wrecks were reported Saturday.