Winter weather returns to Southern Colorado

MONUMENT, Colo. - Winter weather returned to Southern Colorado Friday. 


Snow accumulated in Monument, leaving grass and sidewalks covered in a white blanket. 


“I thought it was actually supposed to be very nice so this was a bit of a surprise,” Nicole Pritchard said. 


The weather making roads slushy and wet, leaving drivers cautious. 


“Oh, it’s horrible. I was just picking up my son preparing for prom at Lewis-Palmer and this is always how it is. Just horrible weather,” Pritchard said. 


“Anytime it wants to stop I’ll be fine with that too,” Garret Brandt said.


The wind continued to blow Friday night, leaving temperatures chilly. 


It was a continuation of the weather earlier Friday with a high wind advisory 


The wind even shut down roadways across the state. 


Highway 24 from Calhan to Limon shut down due to blowing snow, leaving truck drivers stranded in Falcon. 


“I’m empty. I was going to head up to Nebraska, and if you’re empty it doesn’t take that much to blow over,” James Spink said. 


But the moisture still a welcome sight, hoping the snow will help keep fires away. 


“We need it, I would rather have it in the form of rain myself, and a little bit warmer,” Brandt said. 


“I think any moisture that we can get at this point, we kind of have to welcome it, even though we may not want it in this form,” Pritchard said. 

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