Woman: Violent Vehicle Inspection At Fort Carson

FORT CARSON, Colo. - A woman claims officers from the 247th Quarter Master at Fort Carson verbally abused and threatened her family during a vehicle inspection.

On Friday, April 13, Christine Kennedy said she was picking up her husband from his unit. She parked in the back of building 515.

She said a lieutenant and a captain from her husband?s unit approached her vehicle and said they were going to do an inspection.

Kennedy said the soldiers checked the fluids, the tires, spare tire in the trunk and started asking her questions. She thought it was an unusual inspection.

?Lt. Valdez was fussing at me, saying I should know the tire pressure in each tire. He was yelling at me about everything, ?well, why don?t you know how much oil is in the car,?? she said.

Kennedy?s son was sitting in the backseat. He?s autistic and has epilepsy, ADD, and developmental delays, said Kennedy.

She said a lieutenant jumped in the backseat, jiggled her son?s seat belt and grabbed his legs.

?His (her son) eye?s got really big and he was just shaking,? said Kennedy.

Kennedy said she asked what they were doing and why, but got no response.

The soldiers left with her husband back inside a building. She waited in the parking lot for a couple hours until the lieutenant and captain came back outside.

?He starts screaming at me, Captain Taylor, telling me this is his army, his installation and that I?m not to open my mouth and ask questions during an inspection. That I am to comply and if I ever do it again, he kept saying ?you?ll see or else,?? she said.

She said the captain kept threatening her so she asked him and the lieutenant to move away from her vehicle.

?I called the police. They instructed me to roll up my windows and lock my door. When the MP?s arrived they instructed them to move away from my vehicle. It?s the only way they moved,? said Kennedy.

Kennedy wrote a police statement and filed a report. She said the soldiers' actions violated article 133, conduct unbecoming of an officer and gentlemen.

?That type of inspection was totally wrong. What they did is violate my rights and my son?s rights,? said Kennedy.

She said she is a disabled Air Force veteran, who came from a long line of military men and women, and she has never been treated that way before.

?We raise our hand to serve our country and we should be taking care of each other,? she said.

Fort Carson officials issued the following in response to Kennedy's claim:

"The chain of command has looked into these allegations and there is no evidence to substantiate her claims. No charges have been, or will be, filed. Vehicle inspections are standard procedure on Soldiers? personally owned vehicles. These inspections are typically conducted before long weekends, periods of leave or monthly, and always occur in the presence of the Soldier who owns the vehicle. These inspections occur to ensure the safety of all our Soldiers. The safety and well being of all our Soldiers and Families are of utmost importance to the entire chain of command at Fort Carson."

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