Woodland Park's first year of high school hockey

Woodland Park's first year of high...

Not a typical place for ice hockey practice,"It's alright, but of course we'd rather be on the ice," says Colton Ivory."It just sucks that our ice isn't good because we're having a weirdly warm winter for some reason," says Nate Bradley.

The Woodland Park hockey team has dealt with their fair share of obstacles in year one of the program, "You see Denver teams, they have 5 schools they can pull from so they have like 200 kids try out. We didn't make any cuts, we just have the 20 of what we have," says Ivory.

The tough times have only brought this scrappy group of Panthers closer together,

"Being able to play on this amazing team and see how much of a family we've become," says Tyler Baldus.


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