You may be able to drink your booze and take a cruise in Ivywild

Soon you may be able to walk around...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - With summer just around the corner, Colorado Springs City Council members are pushing for the creation of an entertainment district possibly on the Ivywild property. This idea would allow consumers to openly carry alcohol between liquor licenses while they are within the perimeter of Ivywild.

City Council, the city clerk's office and the liquor board are working together to create the ability for liquor licensed areas to create entertainment districts.

Individuals, community members and tourists could actually leave the liquor licensed perimeter and enter into a common area and socialize while drinking an alcoholic beverage," said Jill Gaebler, City Council president pro-tem.

Ivywild school approached City Councilwoman JIll Gaebler about the idea. For Ivywild, multiple liquor licenses in one location poses a problem.

"It's difficult for us to explain to a customer that there's this line in the floor that you can't go past and one of the things that's really difficult to tell them is you can't take this beer from Bristol across the hallways but you can get another Bristol beer on the other side," said founder and owner of Bristol Brewing Mike Bristol.

In order to fix problems like this, Gaebler proposed her idea and says it's a way to bring the community together. It would be up to any business trying to adopt this idea to come up with a plan to ensure the safe and responsible consumption of alcohol within the entertainment district.

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