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School Closures & Delays

Weather delays for April 17

Weather delays for April 17


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South Korean ferry sinks, search efforts

Kim Kyung-Hoon/Reuters

S. Korea ferry captain to families: 'I am sorry'

There were 46 lifeboats attached to the South Korean ferry that sank in frigid waters, but only one lifeboat was deployed, CNN affiliate YTN reported Thursday.

School Closures & Delays

Weather delays for April 17

Weather delays for April 17

Colorado Springs sexual assault suspect

Springs Police searching for sexual assault suspect

Colorado Springs Police officers are looking for a hitchhiker who kidnapped and sexually assaulted another man.

Fire Board will stop staffing second fire station to cover i

Fire Board will stop staffing second fire station to cover investigation costs

The Black Forest Fire Board announced Wednesday it will cut one part-time firefighter position and stop staffing its second fire station with part-time employees to cover the costs of its investigation and public relations firm.

Pueblo city councilman Illegal talk behind closed doors

Pueblo city councilman: Council illegally discussed public policy behind closed doors

City Councilman Chris Nicoll said discussions about how to spend tens of millions of taxpayer dollars took place behind closed doors.

Tommy Chong to join Pueblo County pot shop

Tommy Chong to join pot shop in Pueblo County

Marijuana activist and comedian Tommy Chong will be joining the ranks of marijuana business owners.

Voter turnout could swing crucial vote for Pueblo pot shops

Voter turnout could swing crucial vote for Pueblo pot shops

If voters approve a tax on retail marijuana stores, Pueblo City Council President Sandy Daff says she'll then vote yes on bringing recreational pot stores into the city.

Search for missing El Paso County woman

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office is asking for the public's help finding a missing Security-Widefield woman.

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Electric bus, hybrid, environment

Mike Segar/Reuters

25 greenest cities in America

With Earth Day coming up, find out which 25 cities are considered the "greenest" in America.

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Red and white clothes in laundry

alexandr6868 / istock

Beer, grilled cheese and really clean clothes

Nestled on a New York side street, a new type of laundromat has opened its doors, offering gourmet cheese sandwiches and drop-off laundry services.

Shopping for prom dress

REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

Distressed parents: Prom dresses too sexy

For Holly Manson, a mom of three teens in Oakland, Maine, one simple saying has made the difference between absolute dread during prom season and actually welcoming the rite of passage.

Money in wallet

Penny Mathews/SXC

5 people you might not tip (but should)

Here are a few people who may not first come to mind when considering gratuity.

NY's hottest nightclub for kids

Emily Fox/CNN

New York's hottest nightclub -- for kids

The dance floor was thick with the smell of sweat and alcohol, and tattooed arms waved neon glow sticks through the dark as a remix of Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball" filled the club.

Living room with orange accents

Rhonda Vickers/

Design fever: Sofas, tables and chairs oh my!

This year around 300,000 visitors are expected to attend the Milan's Salone del Mobile, the world's largest and most important furniture fair.

Solar Impulse 2

Jean Revillard/Solar Impulse

Solar plane set to circle globe

Their CVs combined look like the envy of all bona fide air adventurers. Pioneering ultralight aircraft? Been there. Setting world records by circling the globe nonstop in a balloon? Done that. Commanding the first ever 24-hour flight on a plane power...

Moulin Rouge


Most photographed places in the world are...

The Eiffel Tower isn't the most popular place for pictures in Paris, nor is the Empire State Building the top photo destination in New York.

Salt Lake City Main Library

Glenn Nagel/iReport

Libraries are dying? Think again

Like many visitors in Seattle, Glenn Nagel found himself in the city trying to avoid the rain. After wandering around, he eventually made his way to the Seattle Public Library to escape the dreary weather.

Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak

Laurie Halse Anderson's 'Speak' turns 15

During 15 years of talking to high school students about sex and bullying, Laurie Halse Anderson has continued to get the same questions from boys: Why was the main character in her book, "Speak," so upset about what happened to her?

Want to be an astronaut movie


Space dream: 'I want to be an astronaut'

Last month, an independent film titled "I Want to Be an Astronaut" about a driven high school robotics student and his dream to become an astronaut premiered aboard the International Space Station 286 miles above the Earth.

Robin Valencia

Courtesy Robin Valencia

Honey, I fired the kids...from a cannon

You've built a cannon. Now you just need a willing participant to crawl inside.

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