Doves and finches and parakeets, oh my! We have all types of birds here at HSPPR waiting patiently for their new homes. They are only $5 per pair, so bird lovers, spread the word, and come adopt these feathered friends today!

We have seven Diamond Doves who have been pet birds all their lives. Their owner became sick and couldn't care for them, and now they are looking for new, bird-loving owners who will keep them safe and loved forever!

We have four beautiful finches who would love to beautify your living room and chirp to you every morning.

Cobbler (1163290) is a handsome fellow who would love a life of luxury at your house - but he doesn't enjoy being held, so he might do best in a mature household.

If you would like to meet these birds, please visit our shelter at 610 Abbott Lane in Colorado Spring or visit our website by clicking here.