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Joyce Mitchell

Mitchell pleads guilty to helping inmates escape

A woman charged with helping two murderers escape from an upstate New York prison last month pleaded guilty Tuesday to two charges in the case.

Joyce Mitchell, 51, was charged with promoting prison contraband, a felony, and criminal facilitation, a mi...

Troy Tulowitzki

Sources: Rockies' Tulowitzki traded to Toronto

The two highest-paid shortstops in the majors are part of a trade between the Toronto Blue Jays and Colorado Rockies.

Teenager dies after apparent gunshot wound to the head

Pueblo Police are investigating the death of teenager after a report that someone had shot himself.

Lockheed Martin Corp. to cut jobs in Colorado Springs

Lockheed Martin Corp. is set to layoff 270 employees in Colorado Springs in September. 

Colorado Springs detective arrested, placed on leave with pay

A Colorado Springs police officer has been placed on administrative leave with pay following his arrest Monday night (7/27/15).

Colorado Native Recalls Long Ago Days in Colorado Springs

Colorado Native Recalls Long Ago Days in Colorado Springs

There are plenty of Colorado natives around.  One of them told us her stories about growing up in El Paso County.

El Paso County Sheriff's Office

UPDATE: Deputies investigate similarities between attempted kidnapping reports in Colorado Springs and Yoder

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office says similarities between an attempted kidnapping that was reported in Colorado Springs Sunday night and one reported near Yoder in May have prompted investigators to reactivate that case.

Colorado shooter's sister says his eyes changed

The younger sister of Colorado theater shooter James Holmes says her brother's eyes and overall demeanor were different when she visited him in jail last year.

ISIS graffiti on the Riverwalk angers people in Pueblo

ISIS graffiti found at Pueblo Riverwalk

Pueblo Police are investigating after someone spray painted the word "ISIS" on a wall at the riverwalk.



Aurora theater shooting suspect James Holmes faces a jury. Click here for coverage from the courtroom.

Cannabis in Colorado

KRDO NewsChannel 13 investigates the financial and social impacts of legal marijuana in Colorado.

Pothole Patrol

Click here for coverage of the pothole problem in the Pikes Peak Region, and to tell us about any potholes in your neighborhood.

Answer the KRDO NewsChannel 13 web question

See the web question on TV? Wondering where to sound off? Click here!

The Hot Button

Click on the Hot Button for a list of links we mentioned on KRDO NewsChannel 13!

DA's Most Wanted Photos

Help KRDO Newschannel 13 and the 4th Judicial District Attorney's Office capture southern Colorado's "Most Wanted" criminals.

35 Bill Cosby Accusers Appear on Magazine Cover

New York Magazine/Twitter via CNN

Latest in Cosby sex scandal

New York magazine's July 27 cover features a photo montage of 35 of Bill Cosby's accusers. Here is a timeline of accusations made against the comedian.

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Americans with Disabilities Act

Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

America still leaves disabled behind

Jordan Gallacher hasn't had a job in three years. Many employers reject him with a form letter or email, but one said outright: "We don't hire blind people."

Father and son walking

Cris Watk/SXC

Study: Fatherhood can make you fat

A new study by Northwestern Medicine released in the American Journal of Men's Health suggests that becoming a father can make you fatter.

Wasabi Ginger potato chips


9 bizarre snacks for National Junk Food Day

Qhen snack-food makers come out with bizarre new hybrids -- toasted coconut & sea salt Triscuits, anyone? -- we're not afraid to try them.

Holding hands

Teen sex rate lowest since the 1980s

The number of teenagers having sex is the lowest in the last 25 years and the use of condoms among teens is slightly higher than in the last 11 years, according to a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

However, it appears tee...

Pope Francis at Bethlehem separation wall

Rami Dagga/CNN

Is Pope Francis obsessed with the devil?

Pope Francis seems to be obsessed with the devil.

His tweets and homilies about the devil, Satan, the Accuser, the Evil One, the Father of Lies, the Ancient Serpent, the Tempter, the Seducer, the Great Dragon, the Enemy and just plain "demon" are now ...

dolezal refective

Rachel Dolezal: 'I didn't deceive anybody'

Weeks after making headlines amid accusations that she is a white woman passing herself off as African-American, Rachel Dolezal says she is no longer confused about who she is.

Praying hands

Alan Eno/FreeImages.com

Post-Trump, LA Catholics pray for migrants

Catholics in the nation's largest archdiocese will hold a special prayer this weekend about immigrants at a time when Donald Trump has put the issue on center stage.

Malibu beach not just for the rich and famous

David McNew/Getty Images

Malibu beach just got a lot less exclusive

It wasn't a particularly good beach day, but that was beside the point. This event on Malibu's Billionaire's Beach was all about going where the rich folks didn't want us to go.

Job fair

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Study: Women of color less satisfied at work

Vera Ezimora of Baltimore came to the United States from Nigeria 15 years ago.

An aspiring author, she has been writing about her life, current events and cultural differences on her blog Verastic.com for 9½ years but can't seem to get the attention a...

Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman book in bookstore

Rob Stothard/Getty Images

Could Harper Lee have written four books?

Until recently, Harper Lee was a one-book author, albeit the writer of one of America's most popular novels, "To Kill a Mockingbird."

With Tuesday's release of "Go Set a Watchman," she now claims two published books under her belt. But are there more?

Ice Bucket Challenge


A year later, your Ice Bucket $$$ goes to ...

To raise awareness for ALS, Chris Kennedy poured a bucket of ice water over his head. A year ago Wednesday, he posted the video to his social network.

Then his friends Jeanette Senerchia, Kevin Aylwin and Matt Dodson did it. And their friends did it. ...

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